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DAILY Free (THC FREE) Soft Gels (10 or 25mg)

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DAILY FREE Panacea Daily Free Soft Gels are broad spectrum (NO THC). Broad 

spectrum gives the benefits of the entirety of the cannabinoid profile, without any THC. 

Daily Free re perfect for those who are regularly screened or drug-tested. Daily Free are 

time release to give you optimal balance throughout the day. Choose from our standard 

25mg dosage or our supplemental 10mg dosage. 

DAILY Soft Gel capsules are American-made, as they are manufactured at Panacea 

Headquarters in Colorado. Each Soft Gel is subject to 3rd party testing & certification to 

ensure the highest quality. Moreover, each Soft Gel is formulated with a 

bioavailbility boosting agent, which enhances your body’s absorption of Hemp Oil. 

Simply put, this is the Soft Gel you should use! 

Each Daily Free bottle contains thirty (30) soft gels in two (2) different strengths: 10mg 

(300mg per bottle) or 25mg (750mg per bottle). 

Ingredients: Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract, Bovine Gelatin, Fractionated Coconut 

Oil, Glycerine, Bioavailability Enhancer (Kolliphor HS-15)

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