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FAST Extra 50mg Sublingual Tablet

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FAST Extra is the extra strength sublingual tablet. Each FAST Extra tablet contains 

50mg of CBD. FAST Extra utilizes the same delivery system 

as tinctures, but with a cleaner, more-consistent product. Tinctures are unable to make 

that claim, as tInctures only list hemp (CBD) mg contents for the entire bottle, rather 

than by individual dose. FAST Extra is in tablet form, and undergoes stringent QC to 

ensure there is 50mg in each tablet. FAST Extra uses only USA-grown, all-natural hemp 

(NO PESTICIDES), and is manufactured to GMP standards to ensure the highest 

quality. FAST Extra is THC Free. 

Each bottle contains thirty (30) F.A.S.T. Extra sublingual tablets (1500mg per bottle). 

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